"My experience working with Halli has been amazing, cathartic, insightful and profoundly helpful. I find her to be incredibly compassionate but also willing to ask the hard questions which need to be considered in a safe environment of support, empathy, encouragement and immediate feedback. Thank you Halli."

"Halli has been my Life Coach over the past three months and it is absolutely true that the timing of this connection and process has been none other than exquisite. From the first time we met, I was impressed with her quiet yet authentic demeanor, her intelligence, and her fine ability to be an objective listener. Every exchange has been filled with integrity that has made these sessions not only a safe haven, but invaluable. If we are here in this lifetime to experience the evolution of self and soul, Halli has graciously challenged me to rise to that potential. This experience with Halli as my coach has been an honor, a gift."

"I started working with a life coach because I had a few questions about my worklife and career...But working with Halli has helped me unstick myself from patterns and ruts in all aspects of my life. She's helped me figure out new ways to see the scenery rather than always feeling I had to change it. I feel happier and more myself - more self-realized in my life. I had no idea how liberating the process would be."









"Halli - I saw this card and thought of you...Meeting you that October weekend has become a defining moment in my life. I want you to know how much I appreciate you becoming my coach. I know we are in the early stages of what looks like a long road, but you have made me believe in what's possible for my life, something that I couldn't see myself. Thank you for listening without judgment, for gently asking me questions that you sensed I was ready to answer and if I wasn't, for reassuring me that you would be there when I was ready. From early on in your coaching I felt like I trusted you. You have made it easier for me to tell you things I haven't been able to tell others. As scary as that was I felt safe and cared for by you. I feel sure that with your continued support I can continue to move forward and experience what's possible. With gratitude..."



"I am writing today in an attempt to put into words how Halli MacNab’s life coaching skills and practice have changed my life. ‘Changed my life’ - - I don’t take or write those words lightly. That is a big statement and it is appropriate to the big shift in thought that Halli is helping me to make.

During the past month that I have been working with Halli the personal breakthroughs that I have made under her guidance in every session continue to astound me. Her ability to see through my ‘layers’ and recognize the goodness at my core, that quite frankly I had lost sight of some time ago, has both amazed and comforted me. Perhaps most amazing of all I’m starting to see it now too.

Entering into life coaching with Halli MacNab is an opportunity I would recommend to anyone who truly wants to make a positive change both in how they view themselves and others, and how they manage and enjoy their life. She has an unfailing commitment to see your strength and ability where you may see weakness and inability. Her straightforward, respectful, nurturing and intelligent manner helps you to identify with your true essence as a capable, loving, intelligent individual and to see the same in others.

It has been my experience that it is rare to find someone who can see to the core of an issue and help you to see it too without ever telling you what it is, but rather through a combination of intelligent listening and questioning help you to get there yourself in the most meaningful way possible. She cares for you the whole way through this process.

Halli MacNab is an extraordinary life coach and I couldn’t be more grateful for the lessons I have learned through her example and guidance, the blocks and barriers that I see evaporating where before they seemed larger than life, and the power of taking the time to address what matters most in life - - how you are living it.

Thank you Halli MacNab. I know you will continue to touch many lives as positively as you have mine and it makes me happy just thinking about that.

With great admiration,”



Integrity - (in teg' r te) n.
Uprightness of character, honesty; intentions, speaking and actions are aligned. 
Real integrity is doing the right thing, knowing that nobody's going to know whether you did it or not. Oprah Winfrey 


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